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Small family-run boarding kennels provide the perfect retreat for Small to Medium sized dogs. With Central heating and TVs in every kennel, plus private playtime sessions.

We treat our guests as VIPs

(very important pets)

Our luxury dog boarding kennel is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized dogs. We are committed to providing every guest with an environment as close to home as possible while you’re away, so we ensure your furry family member feels right at home!

Harfields Pet Retreat offers your dog the ultimate retreat experience! Our secure and safe accommodations provide optimal comfort for all canine companions, while our range of activities – tailored to each individual dog’s needs – ensures that everyone has a great stay. We also have a team of qualified staff to provide any assistance you may need.

Specifically designed for small & medium dogs

We understand the importance of providing your pet with a safe and secure environment. To ensure our four-legged friends are fully taken care of, we’ve put in place our 50cm maximum shoulder height policy to help create an atmosphere where they can relax and be surrounded by similarly sized pets that need similar levels of attention – all with their safety as top priority!

Luxury Boarding Facilities

At Harfields Pet Retreat, we provide a luxurious escape for your canine companions. Our spacious kennels are furnished with plush bedding and heated to optimum comfort levels – complete with televisions!

Your pooch will be so spoiled that they may not want to leave their home away from home.

Plenty of engagement for all guests

At our luxury boarding kennel, we understand that leaving your beloved pet can be a difficult experience. To ensure the comfort of your dog during their stay, we provide plenty of engagement to keep them happy – from stimulating activity sessions and playful interactions with staff members to ensuring individualised care tailored specifically for each guest’s needs.

Let us take away some of the worries next time you’re apart!

Products & Services

  • Kennels
  • Luxury Boarding Facilities
  • Luxury Boarding Facilities for small & Medium dogs
  • Luxury Dog Kennel Suites
  • Private Rooms
  • Kennels with Home-like Interior
  • CCTV in all Kennels
  • Natural Calming Diffusers
  • Central Heating in EVERY Kennel
  • Pet Retreat


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